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Local grannies in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is full of older grannies who are all seeking sex in their local areas. The older you get, the more you are looking for things to be a bit easier. Even though most of these women are still incredibly horny, they are no longer looking to travel miles for their next shag

“I am just looking for men to come to me or to meet up in my local area. If you are a local man and you want to meet up with a local granny for sex in Edinburgh, then I am your girl.” Continue reading

Meet local grannies living in Birmingham

If you live in Birmingham then you might not be aware of the amazing and exciting opportunities there are to contact grannies and meet locally for no-strings-attached casual sex! That’s what is perfect for. Helping younger, horny men meet dirty old women for erotic encounters all over Birmingham city centre and the surrounding areas. Every week we help hundreds of existing and new members browse, message and meet up for sex all in their neighbourhood. Until you join our free dating site you won’t believe how many members are online within just a few miles to your location and looking to get naughty tonight! Continue reading

Meet Local Grannies in London

When it comes to finding a local dating service for meeting experienced women nothing is better than Our local dating service can help men and grannies living in and around London get together at anytime of the day or night when they use our safe and secure platform or dating app. We make it so simple to browse and contact grannies that you could be logged into your account and organising sexual encounters around London within minutes!  In this blog post we want to share all the reasons why our successful and popular dating service works so well in helping all our local members in the capital city stay fulfilled and excited!

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dogger liverpudlian

Mature Doggers in Liverpool

amazing mature dogging bumMeet some of the horniest grannies in Liverpool today. The first think you need to think about before joining this website is that all the women have signed up to a website Called local grannies. That mean, before you see their horny profiles you know two things about them already. The first is that they love dogging and the second thing is that they are probably over the age of 45. If these are the type of women who you are interested in meeting then look no further.

What is dogging.

Just incase you have never heard about dogging and cant work it out from the image at the top of this page, dogging is when you meet up with others to have sex in a car park. Some people love the thrill of having sex in a public place and some like to go and have a fuck in the back of their car because it is cheaper than a hotel.

Married men and women.

This site is all about finding your next fuck buddy. The people on this site are looking for no strings attached sex. If you are looking for a long term partner or love then this probably isn’t the site for you. This site is about organizing filthy little Rendezvous and sex parties. Many of the men and women on this site are married and looking for a bit of fun on the side. If you have a problem with that then you may not want to sign up and have sex with these people

Real men and women

older dogging in liverpoolWe go out of our way to make sure that only real men and women are signed up to this website. It is important to us that when you sign up you have the highest chance of meeting someone as you can. The first step is to make sure that all members are not only real but actively looking for sex. We look for early warning signs for people who have signed up to this site who may not be actively looking for sex, some of these warning signs are

1. These horny doggers don’t upload any information to their profiles
2. They don’t send or reply to any messages.

These are the first signs that someone is not actively seeking sex, we aim to remove as many fake profiles as possible.

We can assure you that all the people on this website are real and seeking this means you have a much higher chance of finding someone for sex quickly!

Granny Escorts

There are several reasons why men might be looking for a granny escort.

1.     To accompany them to some sort of event.

2.     To keep them company

3.     To have a sexy mature girlfriend for the night.

Granny EscortThese are some of the uses of paying for an escort service. What if I could tell you there was a site full of women who would quite happily do all of the above for free. Lets look into these points in more detail and explore why some of the members of would be more than happy to do the above for free.

To accompany them to some sort of event and to keep you company

The sexy mature women on are on the site for one main reason really and that is to have more sex. But even though there are some women just looking for sex, we also have a few who are looking for a bit more. They are looking for companionship inside and outside the bedroom. That means there are lots of women on the site who would be happy to keep you company as they are also looking for company.

Now I know a lot of men at this point are thinking, they are not really looking for a relationship. Well don’t worry, the majority of these women are not either. But there will also be a few who might just want to “pad out” their social calendars. This could be mean going out for a meal with you every couple of weeks.

Let me put it another way. We have over 500 women signing up to granny dating every week from all over the UK. What ever you are looking for, whether it is sex, or companionship, I can guarantee you we have hundreds of women also looking for the same thing. So if you are looking for a granny escort, just for the night, this could be the site for you.  All you have to do is decide which one you would like to go out with.

To have a sexy mature girlfriend for the night.

Perhaps you don’t want a full time girlfriend, or perhaps you travel a lot with work and are only back in town a few days every month. Well for those type of people. A full time relationship might be too hard to hold down. On our site, you can arrange times with women, to meet up and be intimate for just a couple of nights every month. After all, a lot of the women on our site arelooking for mature, no stings attached sex.

What ever you are looking for. From an affair, right through to a long term companion. We will have the right women to suit all your needs. The best thing is that these women want the same thing as you.

Real womenEscort sex

A big concern people have about dating sites is if the people they are speaking to are real. We have gone to great length to ensure that all profiles on our website are verified. If we have any doubts at all about the profiles they are deleted straight away. So if you want to meet real women who are actively looking for sex in your area sign up for you free membership trial today. We don’t even ask for credit card details, we just want a real email address and a password. Sign up takes less than one minute!

Wait till you here this members mature sex stories!


My name is Petra and I am so filthy its sick. I mean, I am ready to go at start fucking at any point during the day. I just love cock and I am on here to meet guys. The only one thing I am not a fan of is men with hairy legs but to be honest, if you really want a man you will just up with that. The first thing I always do with an erect penis is tease it with a lubricated mesh. I often place my delicate fingers up a man grommet. The more seaman the better- in fact I class that as one of my five a day. If I don’t suck a man off, I simply go hungry. I have a considerably hairy vagina- in fact I have not shaved in over 30 years- its all very natural down there. In fact I have often got different “hair styles” down there. On St Patricks day a short time a ago, I slicked all my pubes backwards using brylcream and got my partner who I came to know from the dating site tweeze out on or two hairs while we kissed. I often ask my gentlemen friends to shove what ever they can up there because rarely I am satisfied with a 6 or 7 incher up there 🙁 I need to be “full – to – the- brim” so to speak before I orgasm. I usually finish my erotic sex sessions be massaging my gentleman ear with my sloppy wet tongue that has previously been used to lick his anus. I often then proceed to lick his nose, because it gets me off that he gets to smell remains of his anus up his nose. I also conduct my sex sessions partially blind because I always remove my spectacles.

Local Granny Sex

meet mature contacts online nowIf you have ever wondered what it’s like to shag an older woman? Fantasied about watching your stiff cock work it’s way inside some old cunt? Well whether you openly admit to having a granny fetish, or just curious to know what it’s like to share the sheets with a dirty mature we can help you at – Our grandma dating service helps horny, promiscuous guys contact and meet up with older female members for local granny sex. But don’t take our word for it, read this real account from one of our male members Billy from Manchester.

Billy-26-Manchester. ‘It actually all started off as a bit of a joke… We were out one night, during my last year at university. My mates were teasing me for the amount of sex I had, had with the girls at uni. After a couple of beers I blurted out that they didn’t do much for me and I was much more interested in shagging an older woman, mum or even a gilf. They all burst out laughing, they wouldn’t let it go and made me get out my mobile. Within a few minutes I was signed up to this site,… The night continued on, I don’t really remember much after that to be honest, but when I woke I saw all the emails from the dating site I signed up to the night before. I was about to just delete my membership thinking that nothing would come of it, but after checking my emails I could see I had several message notifications. After signing up as a full member I read them, and I couldn’t believe that 2 grannies had actually messaged me to find out more, even better than that they were local to my area in Manchester. So I stayed on and well, the rest is history… put it like this, I’m no longer teased for not having any sex…

If you’re interested in getting your hands and cock at the same slice of action that Billy is getting why not sign up here for a free trial, and see how much local granny sex you could be having!

Local granny looking for fun

For those of you who do not want the hassle of signing up or paying any cash, we post some of our hottest granny picture on our homepage every week for your entertainment. This week we have Sarah who is 55 from Wales.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 12.05.33

Sarah Says

I am a hot bi wife and exhibitionist with a passion for big cock or a nice smooth pussy. I like to dress sexily.I enjoy showing and being shown off to men and woman. I have always had a thing for really big cocks especially BBC.Love being used by Black Cocks while hubby watches.Will happily go bareback with the right guy. I love anal sex and DP. I really enjoy the thrill of being made to wear my butt plugs out in public. SORRY NO PICTURES -NO REPLY

Tune in next week for the next image. If you would like to message Sarah or see any more of her 22 pic, sign up with the box above!

sexy granny with nice ass

Sexy granny ass that's just waiting for you!

Sexy granny ass that’s just waiting for you!

This beautiful mature woman is a regular users of Granny Dating UK. A free granny dating service that puts older experienced women in contact with horny guys all over the UK. If you are into older women with good bodies and great tits then you will love looking at this dirty older woman. She takes a lot of photos of herself that she then puts up on her granny profile.

She meets lots of different men all over the UK. Although it is important to her that she gets to know them and they are polite and friendly, no woman wants to meet a man she does not trust. So a word of advice to any men, if you are looking to meet any of these horny grannies I suggest that you make contact and start with easy going chat, you’ll soon find that this leads to better stuff in the end.

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Local grannies riding cock like pros

With years of experience literally under their belts, local grannies have established themselves as the cock riding queens of the UK. These sluts are so good as riding cock you would be forgiven to think that they are professionals on a job. The cock riding being served by the dirty old cock maniacs is so, so good you could easily get addicted!

Their skills are however not limited to cock riding as they are also highly skilled at cock sucking and anal play. If you thought the local grannies were out of the sex game, you are very mistaken. The naughty old vixens have probably taken in more cum within this first month of the year as compared to any other group of women.

Cock riding local grannies

Cock riding local grannies

The enthusiasm shown by these local grannies when having sex is not only proof of their horny and nasty nature, it also shows a true and honest love for cock which happens to be the most important attribute of a slut!