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This dating site is all about “ease of use”. In this day and age, with the technology we have, nothing should be difficult. So if you want to start having more sex, your computer can help you. It can help you find women who are looking for sex. Even more than that, it can find you women who YOU are attracted to, who are looking for sex. AND, even more than that, it can find women who actually enjoy certain sexual preferences who live within a mile of you (who are looking for sex).

seeking gran

seeking gran

You see, we know that all then men on this site are here for one reason; more granny shags! SO we needed to make sure that they were meeting up with the right women and having the type of sex they wanted. To make it even easier, we don’t think people should have to travel more than 15 mins from their house to be having wild sex. We have had women from all over the UK signing up, on average, where ever you are in the UK, there is a granny who is looking for sex less than 10 miles away from where you are.

We have taken this idea of ease to the extreme. On our site is a “who is near men” feature which will allow you to look at other horny women on a map of your local area. So depending on how far you would like to travel, you can literally just speak to women who live close by.

This also works quite well as many older women do not want to go that far to have sex, so if you can offer them the chance to just go around the corner to get a shag, they are probably going to be more likely to take it.

Another thing to remember is that hundreds of women sign up to this site each week, why not just leave your profile on our site for these women to see as they sign up, then one of them messages YOU looking for a shag, we will send you an email. In other words, create a profile now and just relax. We will message you when it is time for you to have a shag, it really couldn’t be easier than this!